Christmas is coming!


Let me apologise for time between posts. New baby=lack of sleep. And new point of sale system instore has been eating away at my blogging time too. However…bugs are all worked out, and I’ve been sleeping 🙂

So, here I am-refreshed and revived. And thanks to natures miracle, caffeine-I am ready!

Its November….and Christmas is coming! YAY!

Here at Pauaworld we LOVE Christmas. Especially a good old fashioned -Fun in the sun- Kiwi Christmas.

To celebrate this, the team at Pauamania has produced some awesome coasters and souvenir pens. And the coasters even  come with a free stand as well to show them off.

Kiwi Christmas Coasters

The perfect coasters to glam up the table

Kiwi Christmas Paua Pen

Imagine writing your cards with THIS. Awesome fun!

Thats just  a couple of ideas for Christmas so far, and instore we’ve got heaps more as well. Don’t forget to find us on Facebook and twitter to catch all the gossip and fun stuff.

Til Next time,



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