All about Hand-Carved Bone Pendants.

Here at Paua world we are lucky to have skilled craftspeople working for us.

With a wide array of product manufactured right here in Carterton we are proud to offer uniquely New Zealand made jewellery souvenirs and gifts.

One of our most popular products is our handcarved bone pendants.

Each design is produced in consultation with local master carvers and is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional design.

  • First the shapes are marked onto beef bone which has been thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of fats and oils.
  • Then a band saw is used to cut out the rough shape which is then refined on a sanding wheel.
  • The intricate design details are then cut with a scroll saw and finished using rotary files.

Bone carving being finished

After carving, the pendant is tumble polished for approximately 6 days through a series of progressively finer grades.

Many of our carvings feature tattoo style designs which are engraved into the surface using a laser.

Tattoo design Bone Carving

Tattoo design Bone Carving

After final quality control each pendant has a waxed cord and paua toggle attached along with a description of the meaning.

Finished Bone Carving

Finished Bone Carving ready for sale.

Each pendant passes through 6-10 pairs of hands on its journey through our factory.

Want to see more? You can view our range of bone carvings.

Until next time,

All the team at Paua world.


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