Bee Venom Skincare

Here at Paua World we are always excited to get new products instore. So when Wild Ferns offered us the chance to be a reseller of their Bee Venom Skincare we jumped at the chance. You might know the brand from using their very popular Manuka Honey and Lanolin skincare. These are paraben free and made in New Zealand.

Venom from the Bee is renowned for its ability to create a younger looking complexion by stimulating the skin to encourage collagen and elastin production which  helps to firm and plump facial tissue.

Not all Bee Venom is equal which is the reason Wild Ferns have used VENTM purified venom to ensure you get the highest quality available which is also ethical and humane.

Bee Venom in my cosmetics? Say what!?

Bee Venom is a unique multi-component complex that 18 biological active compounds have been found to have pharmacological activity.

The main groups of compounds are enzymes, peptides, aminos, sugars, phospholipids and volatiles. Bee venom contains a number of unique low-molecule peptides and “miracle” enzymes such as Phospholipase A2 and Hyaluronidase.

Phospholipase A2 dissolves the skin cell membrane and allows other ingredients to penetrate into the skin cell, resulting in a product working more effectively. Hyaluronidase enhances the delivery of different active ingredients across the skin barrier.

 Bee venom peptides stimulate facial muscles, which provides  a lifting and plumping effect.

Bee venom is a complex combination of chemical substances produced by the worker and queen honeys bees. The venom is used together with parts of the bee’s anatomy (called the “sting apparatus”) to sting intruders in defense of the honey bee colony.

Drone (male) honey bees do not produce venom and do not have a sting apparatus.

Doesn’t the bee die when it stings? Are bees killed to make this product?

If a bee stings tough skin (eg a human’s) the whole apparatus pulls out the abdomen of the bee. The venom sac is pulled out with it and it keeps pumping venom until it runs out. Because the removal of the sting apparatus ruptures the bee’s abdomen, the bee dies within a short period of time. This obviously wouldn’t be a very humane way to get the ingredients.

VENT(Venom New Zealand) have invented a collection device for venom that doesn’t kill the bees. The device consists of a glass sheet that is put on the bottom of the beehive. The glass sheet conducts a gentle electric current. When the current is turned on, bees that are on the sheet automatically stick out their stingers, and the action of the muscles pushing the stinger also pumps a small amount of venom out the end of the sting. This venom falls on the glass where it is collected and purified for storage, it is freeze- dried it to ensure the venom’s bioactive materials don’t oxidise and decompose. It takes one million sting deposits on a collector board to make 1 g of dry venom. This is the reason the cost of bee venom skin care products is so high.

Wild Ferns has a small yet perfect range for the Bee Venom product consisting of the following,

Bee Venom Moisturiser

Bee Venom Moisturser

Bee Venom Nightcreme

Bee Venom nightcreme

Bee venom Serum

Bee venom Serum


Bee venom tower

Bee venom tower


If you are keen, we ship all around the world. So hey,why not give it ago!

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